Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Is this the future for musicians funding?

I made this messing around with the Hipstamatic app on the iphone:

and I've added a new page to my website its this:

Make a Contribution

"most people are accustomed to getting Internet "content" for free, as if it was created by fairies who lived on pixie dust. I always wanted to live on pixie dust, but it's harder than it looks!" Susie Bright

I really enjoy providing the content and music on this site, if you would like to help me provide this content(and make more of it) or if you have already downloaded an album and you'd like to pay for it you can here.

Its a bit like a busker leaving the guitar case open. I really appreciate it.

Just click on the guitar case below to make a contribution via Paypal and become a patron of the arts - thank you!!

Other Ways To Support This Site
Blog about it, burn a copy of Echo and give it to a friend, share the MP3's on a torrent site, use my music in your video,Tweet it, share it on facebook,join the mailing list and tell your friends. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your support.

What do you think? You can also subscribe....

Is this the appropriate way to for musicians to fund what they do???

I'm not sure but i would value your feed back...




Anonymous said...

I think it might end up being a viable option. I like the analogy of busking. Your music will get to lots more people, but you'll earn less than if you sold to as many people. But if you sold it, would you make it to so many people in the first place?

It's a brave new world, and what better way to measure value for money than paying for it. Only thing is...some people don't have a conscience. Let's pray this will spawn a culture of consumers who pay if they appreciate, or at least try and pay/play it forward.

Kevin dotw said...

I think from a musicians point of view, they need to have a clear goal of what they want or need from 'funding'
If it's to cover the costs of instruments, rehearsal and studio time to produce the music it might give them enough money to cover that. However if they want enough money for a decent living and make music their full time job, then I doubt if this would give enough income.
Like all creative activates, being a musician can be hard to generate enough income to make it a full time job without having to supplement the income. From all the artists, photographers, film makers and musicians I know, musicians are the only ones who have this notion that they need 'funding' to keep making the music, all the other creatives moan about not making enough money from their art!
Being a musician isn't any more expensive than being a photographer, but I've never thought in terms of 'funding' for my photography. It's always been how can I make money from this photography business.
Ultimately it's about being able to do what you want to do and at the level you want to do it.
Musicians, like photographers and artists, need to understand what they want from their creativity, only then will they be able to look at all of the available options and see which ones they can use that fit with their requirements.
As a musician you may not make enough money to live on with only selling cds, digital downloads, t-shirts and doing gigs, but can you teach, use your skills in marketing and promoting for other artists for a small fee, make your tracks available in shortened versions or write a different style of music for commercial use (stock audio).
There are loads of options that still mean you are making your living from music :-)

Unknown said...

I'm working on the basis of building a base of listeners rather than trying to ring every last penny out of people.

At the end of the day people time it limited and worth something - if they take the time to listen that's great.

I think now its a brilliant time to be a musician - just think even 5 or 6 years ago it was hard to reach any kind of an audience at all.

Unknown said...

Thanks for both your comments - I agree with you on the multiple income streams thing Kevin - I think thats the real future for musicians. Teaching plus licensing plus downloads plus gigs equals a decent living.


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