Friday, 26 March 2010

New Music!! More supportive podcasters and bloggers

Its been an odd time - still! Physio progress is helping my back (a bit) but progress is still slow - hoping to be playing and gigging again soon thou and at least we're getting there.

My album Echo is still being downloaded(as is the Fierce and The Dead) - which is amazing. I really like the way its become a word of mouth thing being passed around the web by people. All my music from the last ten years is here now.

My second album is still on the way - Kev is mixing at the moment. Then we shall see where we are at and if we need to record any more bits. He is one we are working on at the moment called Ghost - this is an un mix -not even a rough mix straight off the board:

Matt Stevens Ghost by mattstevensguitar

I like the way you can add comments to part of the track on the sound cloud player.

Some more bloggers and podcasters that have supported me:

Six String Bliss

My friend Alun Vaughan wrote in his blog about the remix he did for Burning Bandstands - interesting stuff...

Cool - i will do an update on the Twitter Chords project tomorrow.

Speak soon


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