Friday, 18 December 2009

Some honest thoughts

This has been a tough year - my back injury a few months back has in all honest really messed me up. I have good days and bad days but really it needs a lot of rest - something i can't do at the moment. That is why i have been sitting down in the last few Ustream gigs. Its even changed my playing - much more laid back and reflective I suppose. Odd really. On Sunday myself and my friend Sonny(engineer and double bassist) had a bit of a play on Ustream and recorded the results: I really enjoyed playing with a double bassist. Was fun. Last night I wen to see Them Crooked Vultures - they were amazing - what a rhythm section - John Paul Jones bass player was great, cool bass sound. I bet Jimmy Page is seething about this - TCV are like all the good bits of Zep(the Houses Of The Holy style riffing) with none of the embaressing stuff(Stairway and all that ooh yeah crap). Take it easy Matt

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ustream tonight


Hope you are having an enjoyable run up to christmas.

Me and my friend Sonny will be live on Ustream tonight at 8pm uk time here:

International times here

Best Regards


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Results and ustream this Sunday

So its been a busy couple of weeks. For the last few weeks I've had my music on Bandcamp on a Pay What You Want basis(radiohead style) - the amazing thing is how many people want to pay for music even when they don't have to - the average price paid for the album was the album was around 3 quid. A lot of people did get it for free (cool - thanks for the free promotion) and some paid as much as twenty quid - amazing. Good will goes a long way I reckon. A night on the town with an old friend - hes just moved to Hong Kong - its amazing how far we're all spread out to now: IMG_0566 I had my MRI scan today - hopefully my back will be sorted soon - looks like a slipped disc apparently: IMG_0570 MRI machines are NOT designed for big men. This Sunday I am on ustream doing a christmas gig - 8pm UK time - full info at www.mattstevensguitar,com and international times. Free live streaming by Ustream See you Sunday Matt Stevens


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