Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Podcast and Bad Brains

This is a bit of a multi media blog: New Podcast - some news and a recycling demonstration
Tonight I'm very excired to be going to see Bad Brains who i've wanted to see since i was 15
Here they are - amazing band:
Some more photos from Spratton:
Enter stage left:

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Spratton Was v cool

Spratton folk festival was last week - amazing weekend - here is some video from my set: Was wonderful to meet up with so many amazing people I've met on the internet thru blogs and myspace and ustream and facebook. AMAZING. The other artists were all really good - they were mainly people I knew from www.afcollective.com - really talented people. I will write more in the next few days. Thanks to Lew DJ and everyone who made this a wonderful weekend. Restores your faith in humanity. And we got wellies in size 13!!!!!
Take it easy

Thursday, 9 July 2009

This weekend

Busy yet lovely week. The Ustream went well - loads more people this time:
You can watch it ere:
I may well be ustreaming again tomorrow morning,
I've been asleep
I've written a new song called "Moon Dial", nearly there and finishing some works in progress. I still want to get another album done.
Mrs s and I went to Southend.
And took some photos
This weekend I'm playing Spratton Folk Festival. 5000 people in a field in Northamptonshire - nice courtesy of the AFC - wonderful people.
Hope to see you there
Matt Stevens

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Spratton etc

I've got my Yamaha archtop guitar back from the menders - they didn't do a great job, thy returned it with no truss rod cover and a buzzy b string - that was worth £85!!!! Very annoying.
I'm doing a ustream this Sunday as warm up for the next gig its 8pm BST on Sunday international times here.
I'm getting ready for the only real world gig i'm doing this year at Spratton Folk Festival - i'm going to try some new stuff and give away some CD's. I'm playing with a lovely bunch of people i've met on the tinterweb at www.afcollective.com - with the very wonderful DJ Buddha and Lew and loads of other great people. If you are around come and have a look I'm on at 12 on the sunday but i'll be there all weekend.
After that I'm going to look at doing a proper bunch of gigs to promote my album (which you can buy here) before i focus on doing another on another one with Mr Kevin Feazey.
Also have a look at Kev's blog with some really useful stuff about finding your own sound.
Here is some footage from the last Spratton gig when i played in the pub part of the festival. A lovely day.
Matt Stevens


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