Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pssst - Want to hear a new song

Hello Here is a new song from the new album coming next year if funding and inspiration allow. Its called Lake Man and the credits are: Me - Acoustic Guitar, Melodica, Kaossilator Kevin Feazey - Mellotron, Programming, Piano Stuart Marshall - Drum Loop(cut up by Kev) Let me know what you think. Its a bit of an unmastered rough mix but i've lived with it for a couple of weeks and i'm pretty happy with it. It was great using instruments other than a guitar for a change. Matt%20%20StevensQuantcast Thanks Matt

Monday, 25 May 2009


I love bank holidays
Spent the day playing guitar - writing this:
Mrs S and I went to see the squirrels - they seemed to be hiding - the park was too busy. Watched far too much On The Buses - it was an all day marathon on ITV3.
Time to start recording.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Acoustic Helmet

This week i've been mostly writing new stuff. I've written a new song in Drop D kind of an acoustic Helmet riff meets Kraftwerk on the chorus. Just need a name - i'm thinking of adding some Vocoder vocals as well.
I've had some lovely responses to the podcast and some great contributions from listeners.
I've been bidding on one of these on Ebay - Speak and Spells rock (but i'm not paying £40)
I've taken some scary photos:
I think i will keep doing them. I'm starting to think about the next ustream gig for June - maybe i'll try some more songs there.
Take it easy

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sangos Boomerang

I've just done a new podcast - these will be weekly while i'm working on the new album(when recording funds allow).  There is a song from me called Blue Filter that needs some work (ie it has a massive hole in the middle of it)  and I need some help with ideas for a it - a flute solo, trumpet, spoken word thing? Any ideas?
The other song is called Samgo's Boomerang(genius name by the way) and is by The Gilliam Section.
Wonderful tune that - very atmospheric - they are on the very wonderful Habitual Grace label from Texas. Excellent.
Let me know what you think..
Mrs S and I have just got back from Brighton - cleared our heads and Mrs S took this lovely photo
And I got a new hat
Photo 235
Take it easy
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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sonus G2M demo with Logic Moog Sounds Guitar Synth

Having spent Monday desperately trying to get a solo sound for Blue Filter one of the sounds off my new album yesterday we got this very cheap £79.99 guitar to midi convertor which means i can now trigger(monophonic) keyboard sounds off my acoustic guitar. Now we have a few more options.... Let me know what you think? The moog sounds are off logic. Take it easy Matt

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mellotron Madness plus Ustream Archive

Hello all
The last Ustream gig on Sunday was very cool - you can watch the archive here
The set was:
Dolls House
Big Sky
Lake Man
Spencer Park  
Blue Filter
Get Carter
Blimey - just realised I only played 4 songs off Echo.
In total 157 watched with an average of 50 at any one time - the feedback was great from the people who watched. The chat room was busy and i really enjoyed playing - tried a new song called Draw in  3/4 which unicycled around the pit of disaster but went ok in the end.
Yesterday I was in Pinna recording the first couple of songs for the next album - Lake Man and Blue Filter.  We put down the electronic Kaossilator overdub on Lake Man and built it up from there.  We added Mellotron, Piano, Xylophone, Melodica, and Sleigh Bells.  Can't wait to play it to you but we're only on a rough mix at the moment. For Blue Filter we added a acoustic guitar thru an AC30 - distorted and Swampy.  Not so sure about the solo on Blu Filter rough mix - it kind of works live but sounds a bit "big rock" on the recording - maybe a Trumpet would work better?
Some photos here:
Photo 225
Guitarist in dub.
Photo 229
Kev - recording genius:
Photo 226
Next ustream gig is June...

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Live on Ustream Today

Hi all
Going to be streaming on tinterweb today.  Had a crisis of confidence today about playing - going to make the Spratton gig in July the last one for a while - i may do some streams on ustream stuff to try out new material.  I want to focus on making a great second album and building an audience on line via eventful and the mailing list.  At the end of the day the money I'm spending on playing gigs(there is a definite loss on every gig at the moment) would be better invested in getting CDs burnt and sent to Blogs and Podcast and Magazines. 
I'm sure i'll miss playing live after a while....
My phone/camera died today - i think i've used my N95 too much and it just gave up.  Grrr  
The ustream is at 8pm tonight - would be great to see you at then.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Hello all
Feeling loads better now.  Thanks SO much for the kind words and get well messages.  People are so nice.
Spent last weekend at a friends wedding in Lemington Spa.  Craig and Hannah had a lovely day and it was a wonderful wedding. However Lemington is a dangerous place:
Actually its lovely - i miss the country sometimes.
The Wedding was here:
A great venue - Leycester Hospital.
This weekend I'm ustreaming again - a full live gig on the tinterweb at 8pm on this Sunday. For full info and international times click here.
There is a chat room on the site and it would be great to speak to you there on Sunday there.


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