Friday, 12 March 2010

Updates on The Twitter Chords, TFATD and other stuff

Morning all

2 Days ago I posted the chord progression twitter wrote.

Some chords that my friends on twitter put together as a collaboration - Em/Em7 - Am7 - FMaj7#11 - Cma7#11 - nice.

I'm really please to say some people have come with some music based on these chords:

My friend Alex - mr Lextrical who releases a new song EVERY DAY came up with this - the backwards sounds re great:

Afraid of the Light by lextrical

And my friend Tom from Comrade Robot came up with this lovely sketch based on these chords. Its called Last Sunlight.

How cool is that? If you are up for doing something else with these chords please do - always great to hear - i'm going to post them all around the 20th of March so before then would be good.

Also the Fierce and The Dead(my other project) is looking for ideas for a video for this song. Send your ideas via the Fierce And The Dead website(please).

Also I think I have a title for the second song - there are some discussions about it here

Speak soon -


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