Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A reply to David Gilmour from a modern musician.

“God, I’m going to sound like a grumpy old man. Modern music, to me, is very formulaic."

So says Dave Gilmour of "the Floyd" on the Prog magazine  website. I like Pink Floyd especially Wish You Were Here. 

I'm sorry but this isn't true, only if you listen to the mainstream charts. And guess what? Most mainstream music from the 70's was rubbish as well. Tie A Yellow Ribbon around any argument if you want. Check out new albums by Knifeworld, Trojan Horse, Hi Fiction Science or loads of other stuff if you want to hear some great new music (or even the last Fierce And The Dead record for £1 *cough*). 

We can all make generalisations:

Here is some music from now:

Some music from the 70's:


See. Open your ears and try some new music. John Peel said:

"The best year for music? This year, and before that, last year."

For every Bowie there was a Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap. NOW is a very exciting time. 


Anonymous said...

well said. One could argue that PFs new LP is PF by numbers and formulaic. Lovely LP but not a patch on Spooky or Lucid.

Unknown said...

You have to dig deep to find the diamonds. Nearly everything i've bought in the last 18 months or so has been independently released as in music from your good self and others like The Enid, Big Big Train and most recently Gandalfs Fist. Bandcamp has been intrumental in quite a few purchases as well as recommendations through a certain Facebook group. Just to finish off... i really like 'The Endless River'. It may not be completely new but it is what it is, a memorial to Rick Wright

pulsefloyd said...

He's just getting old and can't be bothered to listen to any new, progressive or alternative music. A ridiculous statement from someone more interested in his own bank account and mythology. :)

Anonymous said...

There has been more quality progressive rock music in the last 10 years than the previous 40. Unfortunately, very little hits the air waves. With limited funds, the new PF would be down the list when it comes to new prog releases in 2014. Pop Top 40 has always been the same. It was when album oriented FM radio thrived that bands like King Crimson, Yes, and Pink Floyd thrived. Today, Pink Floyd would just be another prog band trying to make ends meet because few would hear their music. Sour grapes from someone who already made a fortune in the industry, imo.

DarrenJ said...

My reaction was the same as yours. Gilmour's right as far as modern pop goes but if you look below the radar of formulaic X Factor fodder there's interesting stuff going on.


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