Sunday, 28 September 2008


I'm on the its a frogs life acoustic podcast more info here - Grahams a top bloke: If you live in norwich UK check this out fest-2008-1 This is rushden - where i'm from 140920082219 Spent the last few days wandering around charity shops buying cheap records 280920082272 Working on album artwork soon: MS

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Get it free

Mrs S made a wonderful Lasagne: 100920082210 Sonny from Pinna is mastering the album today, finally it will be done. It will be a bit of relief to be honest - I'll be glad to move on to another project(not that I'm not happy with the album, I am). Took the WAVs down to Livingstone Studios in Wood Green yesterday(Pinna have got Seb Roach in this week): 100920082206 Also working on album artwork - heres a preview - FEEDBACK PLEASE!!! template-2panel revised [Converted] Autumn in North London 100920082209 You can get the podcast via itunes - subscribe it make me happy. Thanks to everyone who sent messages saying they enjoyed it. Matt Stevens

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pure Acoustic???

18.00 Mrs S and I are both feeling better again - should be back to normal within a couple of days and its been a great opportunity to cultivate a beard. Photo 70 This from the message board on my myspace: "Matt!! I can't believe you used 2 pedals...aaaaaargh!!! I used to have a 1-2 pedal... you kick it and it goes "check... 1 - 2" And I also had a '4-track Digital Hassler' I never used them live though, they were too hard to work with and they hated each other! But if you used 2 pedals did that mean when you pressed down on them that the songs went a little faster? I thought you were pure acoustic too :( Aw well... i'll see you over in afc sometime soon where I will elaborate on the evils of effects pedals and the effects they may have on acoustic instruments and how that in turn affects the acoustic artists effectiveness. See... it's happening already! I can feel the compression as i write this. Anyway." I couldn't care less about being "pure acoustic" even less than being pure electric. There is no other way to make music like this without pedals. Sod that - I don't want to be pure anything - i want to make MUSIC and i'll use whatever tools required to get the correct sounds. I've just started using 2 more pedals(and this encourages me even more). My rig is now: Ibanez Guitar(broken with hole in it) + LR Baggs M1 Pickup - Volume Pedal - Whammy Pedal(set to 1 octave up/1octave down) - Line 6 DL4 set to multiple Delays/Reverse delay - Echoplex Digital Pro Looper - Apple Mac Book running Gearbox with Toneport UX2 Interface Should be fun next time i play live although i will need to re-jig the set to use some of the new sound options - it sounds the same just BIGGER - more beats more harmony parts. I've written a few new songs already using the above set up, i was working on it pre food poisoning. I'll post a video Thanks for all the really nice comments!!!! Matt Stevens

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Getting Better All The Time

11.30 The last couple of days haven't been a lot of fun - I hate pulling out of gigs at the last minute but there was really no choice(without being too graphic) due to sickness. I did get some really nice messages about my health though, peoples kindness continues to surprise me. Mrs S has been looking after me(even though she has been ill herself). Feeling much better - not 100% as I've just spent 2 days in bed and my head is still throbbing but its good to be up and around, Sonny from Pinna is mastering Echo(my album) next week and I'm trying to learn how to design album artwork overnight (well within a week). If anyone has any tips let me know. Also can I recommend this JITTERWALL. Its the new version of the London Recording social networking site and its got a fantastic community of musicians/fans and producers. Matt Stevens

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Not playing tonight

I won't be playing tonight in Finsbury park due to food poisoning Bugger

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pinna Podcast

21.06 pm ANOTHER busy couple of days - we've invested in a record player!!! Can't wait to play my collection of bad 80's heavy metal records. We've done a new podcast (me and Kev from Pinna who produced my album - have a listen here) it features moog guitars, recording, mic technique, Stevie Wonder and toilets. Music from Barry Cleaveland , Simon Little and Matt Stevens This is Pinna 030920082200 and this is Kev: 030920082199 Thanks Matt Stevens

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Videos from the last gig

9.22am Thats Spencer Park from the Norwich gig i did last week - this is Burning Bandstands from the same gig: I'm playing a short set here on Thursday, on early

Quantcast That map thing is awesome as i'm always getting lost going to gigs. We went around Leicester's one way system about 20 times once. Last time we went to Norwich we ended up gettinh lost going from the Train station to the venue, Mrs S was as usual right and I was wrong(annoying when that happens?). Matt Visit my site for free mp3's

Monday, 1 September 2008

Ikes Rap

9.49pm Todays blog is a bit of a tribute to the very wonderful Isaac Hayes who tragically passed away recently - very talented guy, theres a lot more to him than Shaft. This is Ikes Rap Heard the riff before? Portishead with the brilliant Glory Box(which has one of my favourite guitar solos ever) Ike was bloody great. Heres Faith No More doing the same track - JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE GREAT. I accidently brought some Bongos today - look they were cheap alright. Its easy done thats all I can say. We'e getting a record player off t'internet I'm on the look out for cheap vinyl.... Matt


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