Monday, 15 March 2010

From the reply you left about practising 8 hours a day but not becoming the best shredder in the world - Do you think 30 minutes of practising with an agenda and goals is better than 8 hours of playing without any clear goals?

Umm I did get scary fast when I about 16-17 but i soon found out it was pointless and not very musical. I think focused practice is better and now i have a little routine where I play a warm up then scales in all positions, then some Bach, then some improvisation. So to answer your question yes focused practice is the best. I think if i had carried on doing the 8 hours day practice the way I was I would have been a good "shredder" but I discovered Johnny Marr, The Beatles, Portishead, Radiohead and realised that what I really loved was chords and Harmony and composition.

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