Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year!!!!! Some photos from the last week.... Whats this Mrs S is getting for Christmas? 251220082521 Mrs S made this: 231220082512 She is a woman of many talents! This is our christmas house guest Talker (Kev's cat). 261220082533 Today I met up with Kev and visited Denmark Street: 311220082552 311220082545 (lovely Gretch Falcon) Wandered around Foyles: 311220082549 and found a Scary book: 311220082547 What kind of a hobby is that!!!!! We made some plans to record some electric noisy versions of the stuff on Echo - Snow, Dolls House, Bandstands, Chasing The Sun and a couple of new songs with a full band. New years eve is a really weird day and the pubs are full of idiots so I think I'll have a night in. Matt Stevens

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bad News

My favourite christmas song is this by Bad News: Genius quote from Bad News: "I could play "Stairway to Heaven" when I was twelve. Jimmy Page didn't actually write it until he was twenty-two. I think that says quite a lot." (Vim) Warriors of Genghis Khan Which sounds worryingly like the first band i was ever in!!! Merry Christmas Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


11.29am Hey The Oakley arms boarded up(courtesy Derek ) s685821633_1284309_5412 s685821633_1284187_9112 s685821633_1284184_5808 Really sad photos, I have been talking to Derek who used to play at the Oakley a lot about finding a new venue for live music and hes hopeful for the future and finding an alternative venue. I still want to do a gig in Rushden in the new year. I just uploaded a very short new podcast. Heads down towards christmas now - Photo 150 Reading this Eno biog at the moment - interesting guy but i'm not sure he's the genius people say he is(after all he did work with U2!). Matt Stevens

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oakley Arms Rushden Closed

16.36 l_23828bc688d86f4bbde0b2bd191dbcc2 Sadly the Oakley Arms in Rushden has closed - i saw more gigs there than in anywhere else. Now there is nowhere to play in Rushden where I'm originally from (maybe I could play in Spencer Park?). When i was young growing up there were loads of bands in the Rushden area Draw, Nerve, Dereks Experiment, ASJ, Scavengers Daughter, Fly Agarics - all the bands that inspired me, maybe 20 odd bands. When we got our first band together (Rushden's least successfull Avant Garde Thrash metal beat combo) our main goal was to play upstairs at the Oakley and the second gig I ever played was there and around 100 others afterwards. We took it for granted and now another small venue is gone. I know people are saying its a good time for live music but making money from any business seems to be bloody hard now. And where will I go for a pint in Rushden now? m_b28123be94b47d3049e851813f0c1c9e Bugger Matt Stevens

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Tree

9.21 am So we now have the Christmas tree up(decorated by Mrs S not me!): 101220082498 And advent calender: 101220082494 Messing around writing on logic: Programming beats for live/recording next year. Just working out syncing live looping with Logic Drums and Bass. Really into acid synth bass at the moment. Adrian belew really inspired me from when I first heard him playing with King Crimson with Fripp this is a great video but he sounds well out of it/strange. Watch all 6 parts for maximum inspiration! I'm playing here next month: base_media Take it easy Matt Stevens


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