Monday, 15 March 2010

Podcasters and blogger are great part 2

ts been a weird few months as I have been stuck either lying on the floor with a laptop on my chest or doing Physio.  Very odd but i am slowly getting moving again.

Here is a podcast from NickTann from last week which features lots of swearing(not by me) and some of my music, other great music and me talking about the 1000 True Fans concept.

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The mighty Progopolis Podcast played all of the Fierce and The Dead single and Dolls house one after the other - amazing!

Just wanted to use this blog to say thank you to the following blogger and podcasters for supporting my music in the last few weeks:




And someone else made this nice youtube playlist.

Thank you - you are nice!



Larry Smith said...

Oops, you forgot Six String Bliss from your supportive podcasts! (I know you've only been selected for an Outro track once, but it's certain to happen again!)

Cheers Matt!

Unknown said...

Dude - i am so sorry - can't believe I did that - will do a special post about 6 string bliss tomorrow!!

Nuno Barreto said...

That Contemporary Madness fellow is awesome!


Also I have checked out Jam and a Half, and Progressive Rock Reviews and liked them!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your Support and YES - Nuno Contemporary Madness ROCKS!!


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