Friday, 30 January 2009

Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room: Goodbye John Martyn

Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room: Goodbye John Martyn

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


20.58 Great quote from a punter at a Robert Fripp gig: “Forty minutes of an old man, playing pretty much the same thing over and over and over again, strumming once every 10 minutes and then fiddling with knobs for the rest of the time.” Fripps playing in may with Theo Travis I really want to go if i can get it into the schedule. Still Practicing for the gig tomorrow - still want to get it 100% - not quite there yet, its the first gig i've done since Sept last year and the first since the album came out. The gig is here: n40688727168_6184
Quantcast Also confirmed at Spratton Folk festival on the 2nd stage - i played last year on the village stage: It was a great place to play and wonderful people. Back to practice.... Matt Stevens

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Stuff that Inspires me Jerry Goodman: Genius Mrs S and I spent yesterday in Brighton - have a read of my twitter feed to hear me going on about it.... I'm really enjoying Twitter at the moment as its so much easier to have a real conversation than on many social networks. Genius. It looks like 2009 will be the year of Twitter in the same way 2007 was myspace and 2008 was facebook - also i'm using it to develop some collaborations... Brighton Photos:] Sunset 260120092847260120092835260120092825 260120092851 A wonderful day, Mrs S battled the grabber machine (and lost, although shes the only person i've ever seen win on them). Home via the south bank via London's most disgusting pubit smelled of Poo and Eggs 260120092861 Next gig is this Thursday in Ealing - better rehearse.... Matt

Sunday, 25 January 2009


15.53 West green early Saturday Morning: 240120092686 Rehearsing for the gig on Thursday - still not quite up to full gigging speed on the terrifying Am Arpeggio run at the start of one song. This one: Microsoft have release their new Tunesmith Program that creates music from melody lines. Its rubbish - check out how horrible it sounds on this Billy Idol song: I'll stick with Garage Band. Spent yesterday wandering around central London. A trip to Hamblys toy shop: 240120092689 The new Kevin Feazey action man doll. Picadilly Circus 240120092697 Fortnam and Masons window: A faustian pact: 240120092715 240120092705 Covent Garden busker 240120092727 Take it easy Matt Stevens

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Some Sites worth checking out

22.53 A couple of sites worth checking out This is Kev of Pinna who produced my album click Its a frogs life acoustic podcast clicky Features 2 of my songs (on an MP3 I thought I'd lost!) - someone from the Dubzone podcast gave Graham an MP3 of the song West Green Loft Dub and its played here - thanks guys Also have a free song on me - download Dolls House off the player below on my site - click: All i ask is you join the mailing list, Thanks Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blog Astoria Podcast?

14.44 So the Astoria one of my favorite venues has closed sad news - I saw At The Drive-In there it was AMAZING- great band - this is from the gig I was at: Watching that makes me want to play noisy rock again - just incredible. Check their band after ATDI the Mars Volta who are also bloody wonderful. Mrs S and I visited the South Bank on Sunday - although the Tourists were out in full force it was great to wonder by the Thames. Mrs got a new Capo and I got a book on California, research for our trip to Santa Cruz for later in the year if everything comes together to play the looping festival. 180120092632 180120092637 180120092635 Have you ever noticed all the "kids" skate boarding there are my age? Found a great cake shop (may I recommend the Liqourice/Chocolate muffin). 180120092662 Spent today getting my Hair cut and visiting Sonny and Kev at Pinna: 210120092672 210120092679 Talking about the future of the music industry... I've been featured in a couple of great pod casts: Is This Thing on Nick Tanns Podcast at - here check out Nicks music a very talented Singer/songwriter. Its a Frogs Life - (2 songs - thanks Graham) here Both top notch. Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Be Seeing You

21.34 Finished practicing the set for the next few gigs: Flies In the Basement Dolls House Spencer Park Blue Filter Big Sky Burning Bandstands Some songs off Echo plus some new songs. Started the contacting everyone plan today got as far a December - still another 26 months to go but I'll get there. Sad news the Astoria closed today I saw At The Drive In and numerous other gigs there - a wonderful venue. Patrick Mcghoohan passed away today I love the Prisoner: I am not a number... Some photos from today behind the railway tracks North London: 140120092621 140120092616 140120092615 You wouldn't believe you were in London really Be Seeing You Matt Stevens

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


22.37 Todays daft idea is - I'm going to get back in touch with everyone whos commented on my myspace in the last 2 years. Now this could be a big job as there are at time of writing 3876 comments. The way I see it if someone made the effort to get in touch its worth staying in touch(I delete any spam type comment ie Check out the Screaming Cheeselets etc) and I might get to talk to some interesting people. There are some who have commented a few times and the people who I've become friends with via myspace etc so its not quite that many but hey its worth a go. I 've received some really nice messages since my album Echo was released on itunes - always great to hear from people and it gives my a great new perspective on the music. I'm also going to start sorting out my facebook site any ideas? Some recent photos: Strange lights in Stoke Newington: 070120092604 Dinner at Kev and kats a wonderful veggie Lasagne(2 portions): 070120092607 A great cook: 070120092605 Take it easy Matt Stevens

Monday, 12 January 2009

Short post this!

My Album Is On itunes.... (THANKS)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Hello! A weekend away in Rushden. An excellent Curry(Kebab for starters - fantastic) with some brilliant friends - much discussion of Matt Smith being the new Doctor Who - he looks too young but we'll see. He's younger than me! 030120092562 030120092563 I did my mind reading act: 030120092564 Mirror? 040120092574 Oakley arms boarded up: 040120092576 Stuart audio where I brought my first 4x12 speaker cabinet (a 70's blue Park) 040120092583 Spencer Park on a Sunday Morning montage: 040120092587 040120092591 040120092589 040120092595 040120092594 This painting on the Spencer Park sign shows Rushden Hall, The War Memorial and St Marys Church - I think the Oakley was a much more important monument myself. 040120092597 Rushdens Woolworths closed on Sunday - tragic for the staff and lovers of Pick and Mix. 040120092601 Off home laden with bags (loads of presents!) 040120092603 I've just had an interesting offer to do a gig in the USA - more soon. Take it easy Matt Stevens

Thursday, 1 January 2009

mrs S's guitar

Hello So this is what Mrs S got for christmas a lovely Tanglewood guitar: 010120092556 010120092557 Mrs is also busy with this at the moment: 010120092555 Whats this ear? 010120092554 Now I'm researching Telecaster replacement pickups for recording with for the electric stuff. Matt


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