Sunday, 22 March 2009

This is the new Reverbnation retail widget - any good or a hard sell??? What do you think?
Messing around with ustream at the moment still - anyone up for watching a streamed gig online "live from my boxroom" - i've watched a few gigs recently via ustream and have been really impressed. Very cool chatting to other people from all over the world whilst watching a gig in New York.
Photos from last Sunday:
A lovely day
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I may be playing live this week - i'll let you know.
Matt Stevens

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Where to play live next????

Where should I play live???
I've had a fair bit of feedback on the last podcast:
& some great ideas for a song title - get in touch with Andrew at improvizone and let him know....
I'm trying to figure out where to play next and Eventful seems to be the ay forward so I can figure out where people may actually want to see me, Click on the icon below and then I can find out. Your help on this one is GREATLY appreciated.
Seems to be a fair bit of interest from the west coast USA at the moment judging by the emails, a gig in California seems a real possibility:
View all Matt Stevens tour dates Let me know
Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Improvizone 3 Dr Dorian

I've been writing a testimonial for my guitar teacher Richard Beaumont, here it is.
Richard is an inspirational teacher and one of my biggest influences.
He's a world class guitarist and his enthusiasm for theory, odd timings, inversions, guitar orchestration, indian Ragas,the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Beatles keep me playing to this day. I have many happy memories of our lessons and the way he pushed me to be a better player, as have many of my friends, his influence could be seen on many of the excellent players in the local scene. His books on lead and chords also come highly recommended.
I spent 10 years learning from Richard and always felt there was so much more to learm - I hope to study again with him in the future when I am visiting Northamptonshire.
Here is song from the improvizone gig I did last week. All improvised - sounds a bit floydy to me.
It features:
Andrew Brooker - Electronic Drums/Vocal Loop
Nick Cottam - Bass
Me - Acoustic Guitar/Loop
Simon Taylor - Trumpet
Nils Eyre - Electric guitar
This photo is by Andrew:
from his blog - just hit play on the podcast player. This is also on itunes(do search on me)
Have a listen and let me know what you think. If you can think of a title or want more info head over to the improvizone website.
Matt Stevens

Friday, 6 March 2009

Improvizone 2

Last night I played with improvizone.  2 Hours of improvised stuff...
Last night Improvizone was:
Andrew Brooker - Electronic Drums
Nick  Cottam - Bass
Me - Acoustic Guitar/Loops
Simon Taylor - Trumpet
Nils Eyre - Electric guitar
Some of the stuff was very ambient and some more Bitches Brew.  Someone would suggest a tempo or key or loop and off we went.  Everyone listened which was wonderful in an improvisational context.  You can read Andrews blog about it here.
I'd met Andrew at the Norwich loopfest in 2007 and i really enjoyed playing with them and i hope to do it again in the future. There were some great moments where it all came togother and i really enjoyed Andrews 7/8 drum pattern. Some of it was recorded so hopefully one day i'll hear some of it.Cool
Image100Photos by Mrs S.
Beard Watch:
Photo 171
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