Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fierce and the dead

The debut Fierce and the Dead single is out today, its Snow part one. Its a 19 minute epic and features:

On guitar its me, bass and keys and loops Kevin Feazey and on the drums its Stuart Marshall

Its available as a "pay what you want" download from band camp just click here to have a listen:

It was recorded last year before my back injury as part of the sessions for my second album but it kind of became its own thing. I enjoyed playing electric for a change - was much fun recording it and the interaction with the other players as opposed to my solo stuff was great.

Kev took the semi improvised tracks and added keyboards and some cut up loops etc.

Lots of fun indeed.

If you would like to hear the original version of snow its here, track 5 on my album which is also available as a "pay what you like" download:

I hope you enjoy it



Anonymous said...

Go see:


A little heads-up to the mp3 community about your new project. ;)

Matt Stevens said...

Thanks mate


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