Friday, 31 October 2008

New music on the myspace

21.42 Happy Halloween Posted some new music on myspace www.myspace,com/mattstevensguitar - the song is called Flies In The Basement. When i play live its usually the first song i do - this track features a guest appearance from Kev Feazey on clapping duties. Let us know what you think.... Its from the album Echo out very soon... template-2panel revised [Converted] Mrs S is pretty handy at carving pumpkins.... Photo 83 Take it easy Matt Stevens

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tennant/Led Zep

9.03 So David Tennant has quit as Doctor Who then, he was amazing and its a shame he's going - I think David Morrissey would be good as Doctor number 11 but we'll see. Doctor Who is bloody great, loved it since i was a kid. So this is the guy rumoured to be the new singer in Zep? What next the guy from Nickelback! Not impressed useless grunge/AOR. Take it easy Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Led zepped

8.42 So Led Zeppelin without Plant then? Robert Plant is my least favourite thing about Zeppelin - John Paul Jones/Page/Bonham is where its at for me but is the chemistry there without him? Even the weakest member of a band changes the overall dynamic (RINGO was vital to the beatles and I love his drumming anyway) I'm sure no one wants to see any thing like this - Coverdale/Page(RUBBISH!): If they are going to tour without him I reckon Chris Cornell(Soundgarden) would be a good choice but is it Zeppelin? From what i saw the stuff from the Zep o2 gig was incredible and i would love to see them but will it work?

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sesame Street

20.53 A couple of great videos. Nigel Kennedy - I'm not keen on the cockney geeserizms but the playing and the chord progression on this is bloody brilliant. Very John Luc Ponty era Mahavishnu Suprising indeed( i hate it when it talks thou).! The genius of Seasame Street 123456789101112 - awesome. I'm still looking to do some gigs in Jan - I've had some good offers and it will tie in nicley with the CD coming out. Matt Stevens

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


21.31 I made an imix - as an apple fan i suppose it was inevitable:
Songs that have made want to do music.... Spent the day at Pinna with Kev working on our new rock project (sounds a bit Melvins at the free jazz disco at the moment). Did some guitar and Kaossilator synth therimin overdubs - we didn't have enough time do a new podcast, this is our last one: or

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The stuff sounded GREAT - really looking forward to putting some real drums on. Desk at Pinna 221020082382 Kev Vocalist/Guitarist/Engineer and the only person able to play a rhythm part and not turn it into 7/8.(I must stop listening to Prog) 221020082375 Bigsby Glitter Guitar 221020082355 Tasteful sofa at the Fortress 221020082353 Pig on a Shoreditch wall 221020082348 I'm working on some Promo CD's to send out to get some gigs.... Take it easy Matt Stevens

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oakley Arms

22.23 Finally cracked and brought some new trainers - converse again. Oxford Street was crazy busy: 211020082342 Bidding on a leather Biker Jacket on Ebay at the moment and working on some new songs. May I recommend Volcano by Baby Woodrose - the best Monster Magnet tune they never wrote. The Oakley Arms in Rushden is up for sale - the pub where I've played more than anywhere else - I virtually lived there as a teenager and saw some amazing bands. It was a great live venue metal, punk. psyche and DJ stuff often on the same night. I'll be gutted if they turn it into a Restaurant or flats. Surely live music is on the up now? Looks like the album will be out in January now and i'll do some gigs around then - releasing it myself on my own label is a bigger job than i thought, just hope people want it when its done. Hopefully i'll have more time to respond to messages now. Messing around with - loads of good people on there now. Really want to build a community around there and Take it easy Benny 191020082305 Tottenham Sky 191020082291 Matt Stevens

Sunday, 12 October 2008


10 Great Songs In A Row 1 Carcass - Incarnated Solvent Abuse My favourite solo (the second one) 2 Beach Boys - God Only Knows Wonderful Inversions 3 Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money The strings make me cry!!! 4 The Cure - Just Like Heaven 5 Holiday In Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys Scary and still relevant and I love East Bay Rays guitar playing 6 Red - King Crimson Love that whole tone intro and wonderful guitar sound. Fripp has been trying to repeat it ever since. 7.Peaches En Regalia - Frank Zappa 8.Split - Groundhogs 9.Could You Be The One? - Husker Du Genius Pop 10. Impossible Germany - WIlco Still getting my CD ready for release everything else has been a bit mad recently but i'm still hoping to get the CD out before christmas

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


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Another live loop improvisation for Jagmaster, Whammy Pedal, Looper and Alesis Performance Pad. I was playing guitar with one hand and hitting drums with the other!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Eclectic Electric

Visuals courtesy from used by creatve commons. Live looped using a Jagmaster Kaossilator a DL4, an Echoplex EDP, and a Whammy Pedal. Voice by Allen JM Smith - a legend this is an edit of a 19 minute track!!! Full version one day.... In February I asked people to answer 4 questions via my website - this is where the spoken word stuff comes from. Normal acoustic service resumed soon - the last time I posted none acoustic stuff I enjoyed a flurry of abuse - bring it on!!! Still working on the album artwork, soon.....


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