Wednesday, 23 July 2008


22.37pm Time - spend so much time running around. I remember when i was a teenager being bored, I never seem to have time to be bored. Music I haven't time to listen to, you tube, blogs, myspace, facebook, etc etc etc When I was a kid all there was to do was play guitar, it was great! But the internet is awesome - i'm REALLY into this site now LONDON RECORDING a site put together by a few friends with some amazing connections in the recording industry - Jerry Boys(Buena Vists thru to the Beatles engineer) is on there!! Amazing site - brilliant place to promote music and speak to interesting people. Between that one and AF Collective have been keeping me busy. I think these niche sites are the future of social networking. 230720081982 I've been trying to connect my macbook to the TV- very complicated, running around London I brought Mrs S Sims 2 for her Mac. I've got Logic Express and a midi keyboard so i can work out the arrangements for the second album, i hope to start work as soon as the first is mastered(this week hopefully!). 230720081996 Can I get some feedback - do you prefer CD's or Downloads? Tring to work out how many to get printed up(500 minimum?)! Random photos Wards Corner - they are knocking down some lovely old buildings in Seven Sister 200720081977 230720081981 Going Electric????? 230720081991 I'm playing on the 31st in SE1 London - hope to see you there!! Also big congratulations to my mate sonny, the Portico Quartet album he co produced has been nominated for a mercury music award along with the likes of Radiohead etc VERY COOL Matt

Friday, 4 July 2008

The Honeymooners

21.33pm Friday Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages wishing and my wife and I well. You guys are awesome... New song on the myspace player: West Green - a song about a street in Tottenham. The percussion is me banging on the guitar then looping it. The sounds at the end are us manipulating the guitar parts thru a Watkins copycat tape delay (mainly Kev the Producer). Watch the making of video here.... I really enjoyed recording this song. THE HONEYMOON..... 250620081732 OK - Scotland was amazing - a wonderful honeymoon (it did rain a lot thou). Great place Edinburgh - we loved it the Clan Cambell hotel was wonderful(fantastic break fast and free champagne for honeymooners!!!). 280620081800 260620081770 260620081774 250620081756 250620081753 240620081723 Spent far too much money at the Fopp there, a brilliant record shop - got Bowie Low, Sigur Ros and completed my Radiohead collection. When Kid A came out I thought it was crap now I love it, Everything In Its Right Place is awesome fooking great. Cultural Stereotype? 280620081891 Of Course not....(I'm sorry DJ and all other Scots) Arthers Seat 280620081817 Wedding Photos soon.... Who else is excited about Doctor Who then??? I'm going to miss it - off watching Iron Maiden so I can't complain. Take it easy Matt


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