Monday, 29 March 2010

There's This Bloke I Know

The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. I don't really consider the stuff I've been doing online "marketing", more just throwing stuff out to the community to see what happens and if people discover the music that's great.

That's why i give so much music away free or as a pay what you want download - I'm more interested in building a community rather than trying to get every last penny out of the recordings.

Anyway, an interesting thing has started to happen lately. People have been telling me that they have been talking to there friends(often in pubs) about music and they have both found that had discovered my music completely independently. That's cool because spoken word is how music really spreads - if my mate Kev tells me its good I will at least take a listen because I know its credible and probably good.

That's how bands like the Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden built honest,real and loyal fan bases. Real connections(and great music).

More Twitterchords stuff:

The chord progression Twitter wrote continues to throw up interesting stuff:

This is by Andy Long - a lovely solo bass take on the progression

Andy Long - Twyn Du by mattstevensprojects

This is a score that my friend Matt came up with for the twitter chords - very cool:
Excercise 99bpm

Speak soon all



Anonymous said...

"Real connections(and great music)"

Yes, the "great music" part mustn't be missed...;)

And damn, I mixed up two chords in the twitter chord progression, but I'm gonna submit it anyway.

Unknown said...

Really the quality of the music needs to be a given - the most important part of the process.

I shall look forward to hearing your take on the Twitter chords.

Kevin said...

It's always been about building a fan base and a lot of that has always been by word of mouth. For some strange reason, if it's done on the interweb, the fan base becomes a 'community' or 'network' and the music fans or blokes down the pub are 'friends' on Mybookface.
Good 'product' or 'services' will always be recommended either by word of mouth, email, 'share this' or smoke signals :-)

Have a great day

Unknown said...

mainly use using the similar to an artist or a tag function. Sometimes twitter and other resources.

Unknown said...

I tend to find new artists through word-of-mouth or magazines, usually from the import shops, or through the internet.

By using MySpace for my own music, I've been introduced to other great artists that have been inspiring and influental.


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