Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Chord Progression Twitter made

Last night I asked my twitter friends to come up with some chords. I suggested Em as a start:

The chord progression Twitter made is - Em/Em7 - Am7 - FMaj7#11 - Cma7#11

With contributions from
.@ashxyz @miniontv @solobasssteve @alunvaughan and others the above is what we made.

Now what do we do with it - do you fancy making some music with it - any tempo - style - time signature you fancy - perhaps we could post the result on this blog/your blog/any blog you fancy - what do you think? Shall we say by the 20th of March?

Ok - lets see what happens.........


Nuno Barreto said...

If i can come up with something, just good enough not to be poo, i will post it!

In other words, chances are i won't post it :p

Nice concept!

Unknown said...

Nuno - do it dude - would be great to hear man


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