Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ill grrr

7.47 am
I've been ill - temperature of 102, fluids only and a terrible fear of toilets in general. Rubbish - i hate being ill and hate being stuck in bed - what a waste of time.  Feeling slightly better today but feel like i have been punched in the head.
My wife has been wonderful - i have been well looked after indeed although i am worried she will catch what i've had.
Before all this happened i've working on a new song in 6/8 with a nice ascending riff in a  pseudo classical style. Currently looking for a title for it but nothing yet - you can't force these things.  It will find its title when it wants one and not before.
I still need your help on where to play live. Click on here to help, i would REALLY appreciate it.
Looking at the map so far - lots of requests in the UK and US and one in europe.  
I'm also really up for doing House Concerts. House concerts are a great idea where you play in someone's front room and the performer gets a donation from the people who come - an invited audience of the hosts friends.  Especially cool when combined with UStream so everyone can watch.
Also should be confirming a London gig soon. The next ustream webcast is may 10th - details on my site.
Busy Busy 

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Snow Live From Ustream

Todays blog is a video
Snow live from ustream - the fading in is a volume pedal looped

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ustream today

Grr - i've had 2 abusive emails today. None in 3 years then loads - will do a blog soon. Live gig on ustream today at 5 - international times on my website - Watch it here: Free Webcam Chat at Ustream

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Set List

Evening all
Working on the set for the ustream gig.  Too sleepy to get the solos right but I know the songs. Crazy busy week. Going to try some different songs to the ones i did on the last webcast..  Should be interesting.  I always worry when i do that.  
I agonize over set lists, been thinking about this one alot lately.  I think about tempo and key and try to get the whole set to wok as one musical piece. 
Some photos from this week:
A trip to Denmark Street - loads of dull generic Fenders amd Gibson but some lovely Zvex effects
Turnkey - it closed down a while back - the staff were very rude
Mrs S got me this for Easter
North London Sky
I'm ustreaming Sunday at 5pm - see you at

Monday, 13 April 2009

The next Gig on Ustream/New Song/Zappa

Now this is how you do an instrumental.  The Melody on this is wonderful and i love the use of multiple timbre in the arrangement.  Awesome.
Ladies & Gentlemen:
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia(we played this at our wedding, although it wasn't the first dance):
Our wedding reception was a wonderful opportunity to play the works of Fripp, Zoe Keating, Eno, The Mahavishnu Orchestra etc to my family/friends. Great.
I'm doing another streamed gig on Sunday 5pm BST international times here . You can watch just by going to my website at that time The last one was great - i'm going to a different set this time and i won't have a beard.  I was watching Snoop Dogg on ustream the other day - i think its going to be this years Youtube. The interaction with the audience is great.
Wrote another new song called Husker - sounds a bit like Magazine or Mrs S says it sounds a bit elton john. I'm not so sure.
Take it easy 

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

How to do a gig on Ustream

How to do a gig on Ustream
After the gig I did on Sunday on Ustream i've had a few emails from people asking how to do it so here it is:
Get Firefox (Google it) - ustream works loads better with this browser. You'll need a fairly speedy web connection.
Sign up for a Ustream account - easy - at
Click on start broadcast and off you go. The best settings on the broadcast dashboard are maximum audio quality and middle video quality. Make sure the audio is set to your sound card not the built in sound.
This is the equipment i used:
Kaossilator, Acoustic Guitar, Whammy Pedal, Behringer Desk, Volume Pedal into UX2 toneport the stuff i used for the Ustream gig - the song is a new one - if you have an idea for a title let me know. (I'm currently into Baker Tom). Here a video of my stuff i used:
Make sure you promote it using a Facebook event, an email blast and myspace bulletin so that people watch.
I really think this is the future of live gigs.
Here is a video of the gig did Video streaming by Ustream Matt Stevens

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The gig i just did

This is the archive of the gig i just did - i really loved doing it 42 people watched it and the response was wonderful. If you're wondering what i'm doing all the time i'm reading whats going on in the chat room. An hour of sunday afternoon guitar noodles. Its raw and messy a always honesty and integrity is valued over perfection. This is the setlist: Flies In the Basement Spencer Park(Really Slow!!!!) Dolls House Big Sky Jubilee Lake Man Get Carter Blue Filter West Green Burning Bandstands Thanks Matt Matt

Friday, 3 April 2009

Lovely spread

22.36 A busy day - my parents were visiting and our cooker had broke. Very stressful for Mrs S as she ran across the road carrying food cooked on a borrowed cooker for our guests. She was as usual amazing I'm very lucky to have her. A bit stressful - she put on a lovely spread veggie sausages for us(meat for my parents), roast veg and Mash. 030420093259 I spent the rest of the day working on the set for the webcast on Sunday - more info here - its at 4 o'clock BST more info on my site. We also took my parent to ally pally here are the photos: Inside looks like an 80's Doctor Who set: 030420093286 030420093269 030420093262 030420093272 030420093277 Take it easy and see you Sunday Matt Stevens

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ustream this sunday

Did 2 gigs last week - one streemed on the web one live in a pub in Ealing both went well. The web stream was so enjoyable that i've deceided to do another one this sunday on at 4 o clock - there is a chat area as well and would be great to talk to people on here. Sound was pretty good and the interaction with the chat room was cool. Imagine playing when you can hear every word people are saying - weird. Thanks


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