Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Eleven preview by mattstevensguitar

Here is a preview of what we recorded today - a very rough mix of a new song called Eleven - more xylophone? Eleven preview  by  mattstevensguitar

Monday, 26 October 2009

Flies In The Basement & Snow

All about the making of echo -song by song: Flies In The Basement This song is very much a surf rock thing played on acoustic guitar - kind of like a Dick Dale sound. It was inspired by going to see a band called the Manyarays - genius surfy stuff. Also reminds me of some of the flamenco sounds on Friday Night In San Francisco. it features Kev stomping and clapping at the start for a percussion sound. Snow part 3 My favorite on the album and some people have said they agree with me. The pad keyboard type sound at the start is me fading the guitar in after strumming it using a volume pedal. It's a really simple song but I like the chord progression with the innversions. This a 3 part song parts one and two will be on the next album - Kev and I performed the whole thing at the vsv festival a while back. More tommorrow. Matt

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Spratton Videos/Knackered Back

Well This time i've really messed my back up. Can't move - every time i go to get up off the floor my back locks up at the base of my spine - its like an electric shock. The doctor has signed me off til monday. Very frustrating - writing this laying on the floor on my back with the laptop on my stomach. Bugger. Once i'm over this - I will sort out my weight - i'm going to write about it on here to shame me into doing it. Need to get fit, can't handle laying on me back doing f all. The gig in Spratton was great fun - my friend Lew played percussion on Get carter - the last song in my set. There were great sets from Lew(solo set), Sketchy, Broon and Carleko - all good. The taxi driver got lost on the way home - v scary as Spratton is in the middle of nowhere - Mrs S was not impressed. Here is some video from the gig that Lew filmed(sadly none of him playing percussion), I'm actually quite pleased with my playing on this!!! Take it easy Matt Stevens

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Why now is the best time ever to be an improvising musician

Now is amazing time to be an improvising musician as you can produce an infinate variety of new recordings and post them to a community on the web straight away - amazing. The recent VSV festival was a fantastic example of a group of improvisors coming together as a community and putting on an event with musicians from ten contries - marvellous. Just a few years ago none of this could possibly have happend. For esoteric non commercial artists the only enemy is obscurity. Give some if your music away-if they like it they willl most likely buy something later - win hearts and minds first and make friends. If they are interested in your music they are probably people you have loads in common with. Build a community and worry about making money later on. It works - this week Steve Lawson a solo bass player(hardly the most commercial of genres) gig was completly sold out in London. Fantastic, Steve is a really talented guy and he has built his fan base thru Twitter and other forms of social media. Lots of major label acts can't sell out anywhere and they are thousands of pounds in debt!?! These are good times. Matt - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Morning all I'm off to play in Spratton tonight with my friends from the af collective - it all starts at 8 ish, I will be meeting up with some of my friends who I have played with in the past. Some photos from this week: Amy Winehouse IMG_0428 Seaside Horror IMG_0433 IMG_0429 Time for more rehearsal - i've changed my strings.... Matt

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Thom Yorke/Goals For This Year

I had a lovely day wondering around with my wife, a meal in Pizza express and messing around with Ableton live. What do you think to this? Thom Yorke live with Flea - I like it, reminds me of Remain In The Light era Talking heads(and i hate the RHCP)

My Friend Julia suggested a gear page for my website with the pedas ad stuff I use - I'll add one soon - great idea.

Goals for this year:

Spend more time with my wife

Loose Weight

Practice Guitar

Book a week of gigs next year across the UK

Get my second album finished

Get Ableton Live and move my looping set up across

Do some more duo gigs with kev or maybe start a full band project?

You can still get the EP free here: Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazey Live @ The VSV Festival by mattstevensguitar My friend Dan wrote a nice feature about my EP on his blog here. Matt Stevens

Testing blogging from my phone

This is the first blog I have sent from my phone test - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, 5 October 2009

Free EP and some Photos

Hey all Been a great few days, the VSV online festival thing was very cool - her is the artwork for the cover of the EP me and Kev recorded at the festival: IMG_0396 Credits Me Guitar/loops/xylophone Kev - Bass Download it now free ere: Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazey Live @ The VSV Festival by mattstevensguitar Kev at work on at the VSV Soundcheck Photo 271 Spent today in central london: VSV Logo n99937751919_495-1 Our local Park: IMG_0415 Spent today in central london: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!!!!!!!!!! IMG_0423 And visted the Apple store where amazingly Billy Childish from the Buff Medways was buying an iphone!!! IMG_0425 In my next blog I'll show the equipment we used for the VSV and some of the other amazing artists.... Matt

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazey Live @ The VSV Festival Free EP

Hey all This is our live set from yesterday's VSV festival - feel free to download and use how you want as a free EP: Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazey Live @ The VSV Festival  by  mattstevensguitar Guitars/Loops - Matt Stevens Bass Guitar - Kevin Feazey Please feel free to redistribute and use in any way you see fit. Thanks Matt

Post VSV festival blog....

Hey all VSV festival went well - 10 acts from seven countries playing live to an audience from all over the world via a stream on the internet. I played Snow Parts 1.2 and 3 with my friend Kev Feazey on bass - who produced my album. It looks like this will lead to my next project after my next solo album thing is done and out early next year. I'm going to do more abot the VSV fest later in the week but here is the video of our set, gig starts at 2 mins in - was cool to experiment with more beats and live bass: More videos of other performers to come - magnificent sets from Steve Moyes, Jeff Duke, etc etc etc etc i'll try and post as many as i can find.... More soon MS


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