Sunday, 31 August 2008


This from the comments board on my myspace: Hi Matt, I listened to all of your songs and I really appreciate your work! Just it comes natural to me asking you something. . . well. . . it' s not really a question, I'm just "worried" that you are not so happy in your life, is it like that or I'm wrong? Don't get me wrong pls, I loved listen to your music, especially in this moment of my life, but I would be sorry if you were not happy...that's all! :-) Anyway, great job! Wishing you all the best! Ciao from Italy Mirko its just sad music man, really! I've always liked minor keys and dissonance, and really sad chord sequences, inversions - Portishead and Radiohead. I suppose there is power in emotional music and its a great way expressing yourself. I'm fine!! Nice message thou. Working on songs for the gig on thursday - i'm going to play a new song called Big Sky and i'm going to use the Echoplex and the whammy pedal live for the first time. Using new kit is always scary. This is Deus doing Little Arithmetics (which is also a bit sad) - wonderful song... , Matt Stevens

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Every bloody day some idiot(or Computer) sends me spam. Photos of Britney Spears only of interest to gynecologists, Fake news headlines (aliens land in New York) and "Fantastic Growth Guaranteed". I'm sick of it and it getting worse. Anyway heres some class videos: Radiohead in Comedy shocker - this is by Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe Fame. This is John Elliott of Me and John doing Faust Arp by Radiohead - class my favourite song on In Rainbows(bloody great record that). Cool Matt

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Free Music???

13.14 I believe its a good idea for artists to give away some music as a way of giving people a chance to get used to your stuff - most people use their ipods as radios now. I however still feel musicians should get paid if you are investing money in to a project, music does cost money to produce however way you look at it if you want to use good people and good equipment. My stuff was recorded by my friend Kevin Feazey of Pinna Productions - an amazing small studio in London. There i no way i could have got the sounds on my album without his hard work. I don't agree with the arseholes who download music for free who are destroying the industry one by one - although i think that distributing live concerts and bootlegs is cool. Anyway download some free stuff here:
Matt%20%20StevensQuantcast Don't worry you won't be spammed from me. Thanks Matt

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


21.09 So now the guitar goes in to here: 240820082165 THEN To here.... 240820082168 I've set a mic into the looper to add percussion to the electric beats from the kaossilator. Starting to come together. I went on a percussion buying session this week got a tambourine, blocks, bells and shakers, I find drum shops scary like someones going to ask me a question and I'm going to have to say sorry i don't understand I'M ONLY A GUITARIST!!! Mrs S made a wonderful chocolate cake: 240820082161 Also download Dolls house free on my website this month Thanks Matt Stevens

Thursday, 21 August 2008

leona Lewis????

8pm So now my guitar rig is: Acoustic Guitar - Volume Pedal - Whammy Pedal - Kaossialator(via mini mixing desk) - DL4 Looper I tried to see what my old tele would sound like but it just wasn't working, couldn't seem to get close to an electric sound i liked. I've only been player acoustic guitar for the past couple of years but i'm having problems going back to electric, can't seem to muster the "ROCK". I'm jamming with some friends next week so hopefully it will work again then. I'm thinking of adding in some looped percussion by adding a mic in before the looper via the mixing desk (shakers, blocks, tambourine, hand drums and glokenspiel) and some melodica. Really looking forward to trying some new sounds... Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis to play Whole Lotta Love at the beijing olympics. Oh dear.... Watched this - a cool documentary about Hawkwind, i'm not a massive fan but its a great documentary. I was a bit partial to the Levitation album when i was 14. Norwich is flat..... 160820082128 Next gig is T-Birds finsbury park on the 4th Sept. Matt

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Post Norwich

The gig in norwich was cool - no more gigs for a while now. Apart from the first thing that happend when i got off the train was some idiot asked for 40p then called me a Twat. Not the best way to welcome you to a new town! Norwich is a nice enough town thou and the other acts were cool Focusing on getting the album out now - people was asking to buy it and I had nothing to sell. I spent the afternoon finding old TV trailers on You tube Automan (I Loved this) Genius Matt

Friday, 15 August 2008


22.26pm OK I'm ready - Practice done. Am I only person who is board of the Olympics?? Gig tommorrow here Norwich Arts Centre: and I found this on You Tube - the very wonderful Battles - Right Beer then Sleep... Matt Stevens

Thursday, 14 August 2008


A busy week Rehearsing for the gig in Norwich on saturday afternoon. Stressing about playing a new song called Blue Filter- I'll record a live version for the next podcast (should be out next week). I've been listening to Tom Tom Club this week bloody great. Visited the Storm wasisname bloke Pink Floyd art exhibition on the South Bank, I love floyd art and signed prints were from £100 - I can't justify spending that when I still need a new distortion pedal, bugger. We watched London Bridge open - an amazing bit of engineering action. 100820082117 We watched the guys working on the beach by the Thames making sand sculptures 100820082114 Mrs S made a wonderful veggie lasagne(with egg) 140820082123 The scary world of the locked tube exit 130820082119 Tottenham Skies 140820082120 And heres some bloody amazing footage of my favourite band the Mahavsihnu Orchestra Take it easy Matt Stevens

Sunday, 3 August 2008

August Snow????

21.52 Hungover but I've had a great week. I've added a new song to the myspace, the sounds at the start are guitars looped faded in and looped to sound like synth pads. 310720082066 Played on Thursday at the Roxy SE1 with Datapuddle a fantastic band. Great guys and some really original ideas - watch this (visuals by the excellent Tom Munday): I found their stuff really inspiring combining samples with live guitars and vocals - check out the album its on itunes. When I played there were live visuals by Blinkinlab Tom and Satoko were amazing - truly inspiring. After a few songs i found myself defering the role of performer to soundtrack artist as their wonderful visual work was projected on to the cinema screen. They had really paid attention to the music and worked out stuff that worked with each song. We talked afterward and plan to work together in the future. 030820082097 Yesterday was my birthday I had a great day with Mrs S and my friends, Mrs S made me a wonderful Dalek cake (in line with my Dr Who geek obsession). I used the money I got to get a Kaossilator (more in the next blog) and Mrs S brought me a melodian for full on dub action. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. Take it easy Matt Outside the roxy blue men up the wall: 310720082058 Tottenham sunset 010820082073 Melodian 030820082088 New toy 030820082100


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