Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Night At The Peel

I had a night at The Peel, with a lovely supportive crowd. As a last minute stand in for my friend Simon Godfrey who couldn't play. Simon is a lovely bloke.

Some people really don't like what I do:

Doug Anderson "What a great evening it was. Three cracking acts and a last minute replacement that provided a nice gap to go for food. Having just the tree acts would have given Mr So&So a full set which would have been splendid.
My wallet is lighter but my CC collection is 7 larger."

I shortened my set to get the night back on track, I had no control of the running order, I didn't know I was playing until the day before. I thought I was helping out a friend not ruining Mr Anderson's evening. I hope he enjoys his CCs. 

I think my solo set was going somewhere but I'm not sure where, more improvisation, more weird noises. Is that appropriate to these gigs? I don't know? I know I'm going to take a break from UK solo gigs until the new solo album is out in 2014 after this run of shows. 

I love the audience at The Peel and I'm forever grateful for their support. They really listen and are a lovely bunch of people. 

I really enjoyed what I saw of the other bands sets. Talented people all, and everyone was lovely. Real sense of community. I know most people wanted to see Simon. So did I! Twang is still the best promoter out there, what a decent bloke.  

All my studio albums are available for a quid each for the next day at my bandcamp.

Speak soon, dear friends.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Allan Holdsworth UK/Europe Tour Cancelled

I must admit I'm gutted about this. Was SO looking forward to supporting Allan.

"Allan Holdsworth - European Tour November 2014 Update (from Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records & Management, Allan Holdsworth booking manager). - Dear friends and fans of Allan in the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France. We regret to say that we have to cancel the upcoming European tour in November and to postpone our European plans for May 2014. We apologize to all fans for the inconvenience. Allan will take a well deserved break and focus strictly on his personal matters. MoonJune Records & Management will issue another statement about upcoming plans related to Allan's career later this Fall. Allan sends his best regards to all fans and friends worldwide. He will be back.... Thanks. Leonardo Pavkovic."


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