Sunday, 14 August 2011

Why musicians don't want the truth about the music industry

Basically most musicians want to believe that you are playing in a bar and an A & R person comes along and you are off to rock star island.

And if you tell them the truth - thats its about gradual growth, hard work and lots of little breaks they don't want to believe you.

Because if you keep that dream alive you can say its not worth putting the work in cause "you never got the breaks". Its easy to blame piracy or the critics or lack of funds.

Thats how you get this inertia amongst musicians, waiting for the right moment rather than just getting on with it.

NOW is the moment to put your music out, to start building an audience,to practice harder, to write better songs. NOW!!!!

Sometimes its easier to believe in "the dream" rather than actually try. I get it, just don't complain when nothing happens.


Lion said...

This is all too true.
I see it all the time, it exists in every genre. Especially hip-hop genres

Flo said...

You're certainly right that it's not about waiting and hoping for some sort of miracle. It's a lot about trial and error and the most important thing: not to loose your passion about what you do when you keep failing. Because most of us, let's face it: fail. However, your words neglect the changed environment within the music communities, a change to a fast food culture, where the whole music of this entire planet is just one click away. I'm in bands since 15 years now and frankly I don't care about financial success, that's why we give away our music for free. In the first place I care about my passion and my pure joy, secondly, of course: I want people to listen to it as well. And this is getting more difficult each day - which is totally true and traceable. I don't blame anyone for it, on the other side: I don't have to let the music pay my bills. And one important note, then I shut up: it's definitely not about the downloaders and the critics. That's pretty much for sure.


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