Friday, 6 August 2010

Dan Wilson film maker

This is a song for our friend Dan Wilson, who was a lovely,inspirational,kind man,a wonderful filmmaker,friend and musician and missed by us all. Dan was the bass player in a band I was in for many years.

Its a free Download EP:

He passed away last Sunday.

Please watch his short films here and here

It was played live and improvised to digital tape 6/8/2010.

To be honest we are all still in shock. This is is Dan Directing(hes the fella on the left):

Section 44  30

We all really miss him.

This is his short film Daddy's Little Helper

You can see more of Dan's work here.

Thank you - please tell your friends about Dan's films - they are brilliant.


Unknown said...

Love the film. Tragic to lose such a talent so young.

Unknown said...

Cheers for watching man - great man - very talented. Tragic.

Robin said...

Thank you for your words and musical tribute, this was cathartic. Dan was an old friend of mine. He was indeed a great man.

Unknown said...

Really sad to lose such a friend:-(
Loved the film.

Unknown said...

Hi Robin - Couldn't agree more - lovely fella, just doesn't seem real hes gone. Just shocking. A great man indeed.

Hi Electra - I'm really pleased you enjoyed Dan's movie - he was a great film maker - all his movies are worth seeing - a great talent and a great bloke. We miss him.

Unknown said...

Please excuse me for contacting you so suddenly and I hope my English will be understood.

At first, I am so sorry your loss. My name is Tapas Yamada, Japanese, just an ordinary film fan. The reason why I’m leaving my comment here is that we are going to put his film “Section 44” with other films on the film festival tomorrow in Japan. And after the show, we’ll have a little talk session about the films. As I’m the MC of the talk session, I was researching on him and his works. Then I found your blog here.
I promise we all are going to enjoy his film.
If you or his family has any message for the Japanese audience, please write it here, I’ll deliver them.

Mito Short Film Festival:

Unknown said...

Hi Tapas

We all loved Dan, he was such a talented man and a massive inspiration. We miss him so much.

If you can say words to that effect we'd really appreciate it.


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