Thursday, 4 March 2010

6 Music

How can they say they are focusing on quality when BBC3 exhists!!! Hotter Then My Mum?? Whats next monkey Tennis!!!

Email from BBC Trust RE: The closure of 6 Music

Thank you for contacting the BBC Trust, the governing body of the BBC, with your concerns about the future of the radio station 6Music.

As you may be aware, the proposal to close the station has come from the Director-General Mark Thompson as part of a wide ranging review of the BBC’s future strategy.

In July last year the BBC Trust challenged the Director-General to address questions about the scope of the BBC’s activities, focusing on how the BBC can most effectively deliver its public service mission and meet audience needs as well as deliver value for money. The full strategy, which is now available on the Trust’s website, is the Executive’s response to this challenge.

As part of his proposals to the Trust, which are focused on increasing the quality of the BBC’s output and setting a new direction for the BBC, the Director-General has proposed closing 6Music. The Trust is now consulting on all of these proposals, and we welcome your views.

We will of course take your email as a contribution to our consultation. Should you wish to know more about the overall strategy review and our public consultation, there is more information on the Trust’s website at:

To be clear, a decision on whether or not to close 6Music will need to be made by the BBC Trust and we will consider any formal proposal to do so very carefully.

Our consultation is open until 25 May 2010.

BBC Trust Unit

From: Matt Stevens []
Sent: 02 March 2010 10:47
To: Trust Enquiries
Subject: 6 Music

How can the bbc support new music when you close the biggest outlet for it!!!

A disaster for indie musicians.


Matt Stevens

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