Thursday, 1 April 2010

House Concert?

Evening all

Mr Lextrical made this. If you haven't heard this week's Sunday Free Noodle(and you should) its him who did the remix:

More people seem to be joining the facebook page each week over 700 now - seems to be on the rise every week. Amazing really.

I'm talking on Mr Nick Tann's new podcast about bloggers - you can listen here:

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And here is a nice post about my music here on Lisa Hoffman's blog - I really like this quote "Many of our readers are involved in a creative endeavor of some sort. MS's music will make a great choice for studio, office, party, road trip, cooking and generally speaking: LIFE." I love the idea of my music being useful to people and bringing something to people lives - it really means a lot to me. You should read Lisa's blog its great.

My other plan is to do some House concerts later in the year(post my back being sorted) - would you be interested in hosting one or attending one?

A few people have said they up for it - just email me or comment if you are interested.

If you don't know about house concerts what happens is i come to your house with a guitar and a little amp and play a tiny gig. What normally happens is you invite some friends and maybe you have a meal and the guest each contribute to pay towards the music. All good.

Speak soon



drivinman said...

nice post. free house concert guide available here

Unknown said...

Thanks - there is a link to that pdf on my site


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