Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Top 5 Thrash Metal Acoustic Intros

Back in the 80's some of the music that really inspired me was only minutes or even seconds long. The classical intros at the start of thrash metal songs were a massive influence on me and a lot of the music I do now reflects this.

Here is an good one from Metallica and one of the earliest Fight Fire with Fire:

Sepultura - Beneath The Remains is great, classic record as well:

My first record was quite influenced by this by Annilhilator - not that I'm a guitar player in Jeff Waters league. This is bloody brilliant, listen to those harmony parts!!:

Megadeth Good Mourning has an amazing intro - not totally acoustic but really a bit special.

And Metallica Again - Battery

Because back then(early 90's)it was hard to get access to classical guitar stuff this was my only really exposure to that sound when I was a teenager. Then I got into Mclaughlin and Paco De Lucia and all that.

Anyone else recommend any good thrash acoustic intros?


Jon Southwood said...

Great list. "The Ballad" by Testament has a great acoustic intro. It would probably be in my top 5.

Unknown said...

Really cool stuff! My personal exposure to acoustic parts in metal came through melodic death metal rather than trash. Early In Flames stuff has really great acoustic intros with both guitarists beautifully complementing each other. See "Moonshield", "Acoustic Medley" (which is entirely acoustic), "Square Nothing" and "Satellites and Astronauts" (both of which are clean intros but really embody an acoustic spirit if that makes sense!)

Unknown said...

@ Jon - totally agree man - i love that - Skolnick is awesome.

@ Pierre i've not heard In Flames will have a listen :)

Mike said...

I like the acoustic intro ADI/The Horror of it All by Anthrax. It's a great starting point for a hard driving song.

Anonymous said...

Thrash Metal Intro's? Now you're talking lol

You could also try

Slayer - South Of Heaven

MachineHead - Descend the Shades of Night

Metallica - Nothing else matters

Thats for starters :)

Do you notice how you can still listen to the stuff you used to like, but the mind struggles to listen to any new thrash these days? lol



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