Saturday, 5 March 2011

One last push for Ghost :)


Thanks loads to everyone who has purchased CDs/Downloads in the last few days. Much appreciated - you may be in this pile here:
If you are interested in my attitude to "free" music this an interview in Cack Blabbath all about that:

Well this approach kind of dates back to the Grateful Dead who used to let people tape and trade their concerts. The basis of the model is you will create a community which you can monetize later on, like tech start ups like Google and Twitter did – once you have people there you can figure out how to make money from them. With most labels bands get paid little to nothing anyway after they often fail to recoup. Why you’d need to be signed to do this I don’t really know unless the label can help with PR/Marketing/Tour support, many people at labels have some really useful skills but there is no reason you can’t hire PR etc yourself . I would imagine Gama Bomb must be signed to some kind of 360 degree deal where the label takes a percentage of touring/merch. Most bands would be better off with a bank loan than a label. With a label you often end up paying back the costs anyway, but the label still own all the rights to your work, which is ridiculous. Just because its been standard practice in the industry for years doesn’t make it any less bullshit.

You can read the whole thing here.

I'm doing one last push for my album Ghost and I need your help (as usual). Can you tell one person about it please? If everyone tells someone, through word of mouth it will make a BIG difference in terms of people hearing the record.

If you can send anyone to the:

Matt Stevens #BandPage on Facebook

or the download/pay what you want page at:

I'd hugely appreciate it. if you burn someone a CDR or post a blog/Facebook update/tweet, thats great as well (and cheers to everyone who already has). I had an email from a listener saying I can't let this album go without giving it a push, so this is it! To me Ghost has done FAR better than I could ever have imagined, so thanks very much and I'm so pleased with the audience I've gained through it. I'm trying to raise funds to record again at the moment so if you do decide to pay for a CD or Download it will really be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for this.

Speak soon


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