Thursday, 3 March 2011

That man Tann and his Vinyl Project

I'm videoing my mate Nick Tann tomorrow recording - here is the press release for what hes doing:

Eastleigh-based singer songwriter Nick Tann has at last raised the funds to kick his year long The Vinyl Project into its second phase!

Working with the hugely talented Matt Stevens, Nick devised The Vinyl Project concept back in February 2010. Consumed by making his music available in an online environment, it came to him that he could veer from the new media path and strike out with a vinyl release, funded by his fans.

“I wanted to keep it simple” said Nick “So I just asked people to pre pay for the album via a paypal button on my website”.

On the strength of pre-orders and donations from resin-loving music aficionados, the studio space is now booked and Nick will be playing to a small, invited audience at Livingstone Studios in March. All live, one take and absolutely no overdubs! "It's an exciting time" said Nick "the pressure is certainly on and I can’t wait!"

Once the recording is in the can, Nick will enter the final phase of gathering the final funds so he can press his tunes to lovely, glossy vinyl and send it out to the world. Exciting times for those of us still in thrall to gatefold album covers and two sided LPs, who still get a thrill from dropping a needle onto a groove.

You can pre order a copy or just follow Nick's progress on his blog at

Nick can be contacted via email through

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