Monday, 7 March 2011

This weekend and thank you :)


I just want to say thank you to everyone who told their friends about Ghost over the last few days - it worked!! Downloads and CD sales up and more people on the Facebook page. Thanks so much :) It shows the power of word of mouth. Amazing

Other than that over the weekend I've been doing more promotional stuff for Ghost and helping out my mate Nick Tann by videoing the recording of his live album @ Livingstone studios.

This man seems to be enjoying Toyahs appearance on Comic Relief Lets Dance:


In the studio with Nick Tann:

OK I admit it I want one:


I KNOW I'd look ridiculous :)


Jon said...

Haha, I saw Mr Willcox as well, he does look a little like a man with a broom up his behind tho - maybe consequence of DGM being a small mobile company?
Glad your album sales are doing so well, can't wait for the new one and the TFATD "lp"

Unknown said...

Thanks Jon :)

Perhaps Toyah said he could only come if he clapped and smiled? :)


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