Saturday, 26 March 2011

Streaming online all next week/R2 Magazine


Thanks loads to everyone who downloaded the European Perspective sessions last weekend, amazing. It was really helpful in raising the funds to finish my 3rd album (it looks like there will be an EP as well now), more recording in the first week of April - we're getting there -  thanks to your support. If anyone wants a CD you can get both my albums for £10 this weekend only (plus P&P) from here, my wife would like the floor space back :).


Everyday this week I am going to be doing a free streaming online gig at 1pm UK time, you can watch here - broadcasting from my back bedroom. Say hello in the chat room - international times are here


The new issue of R2 magazine features my song Moondial on the CD that comes with the magazine along with a really positive review of Ghost, which I was really pleased about. 


Thanks loads for your support 



Matt Stevens 

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