Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Midway through the week of streaming gigs

This week I'm doing a streaming gig everyday - you can watch at:

Monday's Stream

Went OK - playing was alright with a couple of moments I was pleased with, but there were technical problems and at the end of my set and my pickup decided to die. Nightmare.

Tuesday's Stream

I had to play electric guitar - not something I've practised much recently to be honest - very worrying. It went OK but i need to spend serious time on getting a good guitar sound to make it work - a lot of it sounded quite scratchy but not in a good Sonic Youth way.

As soon as I finished playing I had to run down to Denmark Street and get a new pickup - £185!!!! Absolute nightmare :) not good, but at least it enabled me to do the gig the following day and because of that we sold some CDs so that cheered me up a bit. I got the pickup from the excellent Wunjo Guitars:

Brian Rowe - Owner

Wednesday's Stream

Today went well - I was pleased :)

Thanks loads to everyone who has been watching - hope to see you tomorrow :)

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