Saturday, 12 March 2011

Classic Rock Prog Interview and EP session

Its been a busy week - thanks to everyone who has purchased albums - much appreciated :)

There is an interview with me in the new Classic Rock Prog Magazine:



I did feel a prat reading it on the Tube :) I didn't want people thinking I was a crazed egotist. Its great to have such supportive press in the UK (and across the world).

Tomorrow I'm doing a live a streaming 7pm UK time - please join us @

I did a session on Tuesday for the European Perspective Podcast - its a 6 songs live acoustic session plus an interview and me talking about my list of favorite records - like desert island disks, I bloody loved it.

Wilf who presents the show is a great fella and is to be supported - heres what I played:

16. Radiohead - Paranoid Android (06:23) from OK Computer, 1997

17. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire (05:43) from Birds of Fire, 1973

18. Groundhogs - Soldier...Alienness Of A Country (04:53) from Thank Christ for the Bomb, 1970

19. Nick Drake - 'Cello Song (04:48) from Five Leaves Left, 1969

20. Bill Bruford - Beelzebub (03:22) from Feels Good To Me, 1978

21. Draw - Stota (02:54),, 1993

22. Pink Floyd - The Nile Song (03:23) from More, 1969

23. Celtic Frost - Tristesses De La Lune (03:00) from Into The Pandemonium, 1987

24. John Barry - Space March (Capsule In Space) (02:44) from The Music of John Barry, 1977

25. Tinyfish - Building The Machine (03:16) from The Big Red Spark, 2010

26. The Zombies - A Rose For Emily (02:17) from Odyssey And Oracle (Remastered), 1968

Speak soon :)



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David Elliott said...

Great fun to do the session, Matt, and a privilege to work with a musician who gets it right first take!


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