Sunday, 11 July 2010

Would you let your music be used in a car advert? What do you think of artists who let their music be used in ads?

Yes I would. Its always difficult, the ethics of these things and its obvious i wouldn't allow my music to be used in a BNP advertisement or something that promotes smoking etc. A lot of great music has been used in adverts over the years and if it gives me the opportunity to make more music that is OK with me.

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Big Blue Barry said...

I definitely would, and have done so. I remember when 'popular' music first started showing up in advertisements, there seemed to be some backlash, at least here in the States. But as time went on, it seemed to be more acceptable.

There are some products that I would prefer not to have my music be associated with, but with a lot of the deals I sign with music libraries, you have to give up your 'moral objections' to place your music with them.

So far, I haven't had the problem of my tracks being used in an ad for a product that I wouldn't endorse. But then again, I've had some tracks placed in a couple of shows that I personally wouldn't endorse. But the upside is that those placements have afforded me some opportunities to continue making music.

Unknown said...

Good point and I think being able to continue making music is the most important thing.


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