Thursday, 22 July 2010

Post Ghost/1K/Remixes


Ghost has been out for nearly 2 months, I'm really pleased with how its been rec'd and its had over 1000 downloads if you include all sites, plus torrents(which you can't measure). We've covered all the recording costs and are looking to fund the next album. The CD's are nearly sold out now, which is amazing. If you want one of the last few CD's you can get them here.

So thanks very much to everyone for listening and telling people. The success of the album is purely down to listeners telling their friends,podcasters and bloggers.

Pay what you want seems work if you have a supportive audience. Thank you, amazing.

A week ago I posted remix stems for the song Big Sky - this is the first remix I've had in from Dementio 13.
Matt Stevens - Big Sky (Dementio13 Remix) by Dementio13 Remixes

I really like it - here is the original version:

If you would like to remix it the stems are here.

Speak soon



Unknown said...

Great to hear that sales have been so good. Proves that your model can work.

I've got the CD, but I may grab the MP3s from Bandcamp for portable listening.

Unknown said...

Thanks Steve, I'm as amazed anyone man, really pleased people have listened to this one. I hope people will like the next one, I'm desperate to get on with making that one now :)


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