Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Free Noodle 25

Sunday Free Noodle 25 is:

Big Sky - Matt Stevens Dementio 13 Remix

This is off my album Ghost remixed by Dementio 13 - i really like this remix - top work. I posted the stems the other week and I’m amazed at the quality of stuff made with it - I’ve heard three amazing remixes of this track this week already. I will post some more remixes of this in a few weeks.

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Please let me know what you think of this and if you would like to do a remix or collaborate give me a shout.

More noodles next week

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About The Sunday Free Noodle

The Sunday Free Noodle project is a free MP3 ever week - remixes, collaborations, live stuff, spoken word stuff and other odd things - for the next year. 52 MP3’s (thats alot). I think it will be a challenge to keep this going and I’m really looking forward to doing it - please subscribe to the podcast feed on itunes to get it free every week and tell me what you think(yes you can say if you think if its crap). I hope you enjoy it.

This project has only really come about because i have injured my back and have had a chance to go through my hard drives whilst lying on the floor with the laptop on my chest. Odd how things happen.

I really it want to be a collaborative process. Let me know - if you are a remixer, cellist, vocalist, percussionist, film maker,trumpet player or visual artist or anything else let me know(although I draw the line at juggling) . Perhaps i could send you some stuff(loops and noodles) to add something to?

Speak soon

Speak Soon


Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to a Noodle in a while, this one is great!

Unknown said...

Thanks for listening mate


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