Thursday, 29 July 2010

What is the best guitar you have ever played and what is the guitar of your dreams? (They can be the same)

My favorite guitar is my broken Ibanez acoustic that I use and the only guitar I want because it sounds exactly how I want it to! I would quite like an Twin Neck Gibson like Mclaughlin used with the Mahavishnu Orchestra although since I did my back in its not really an option. I was looking at a headless Steinberger the other day, would be very cool for back pain friendly guitar playing. Would i look a prat playing it thou? (yes!)

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Dave MacLeod said...

One and the same guitar for me - my Benford Custom, which is a Telecaster/Les Paul hybrid that Steve Benford (http://www.benfordguitars/) build out of my own piece of wood.


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