Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A new EP, a new video and a message from the Dead

For the last few weeks I've been thinking about putting out an EP of some of the "non album tracks". Some of the ambient tracks, demos, remixes,live and lost tracks from the Ghost sessions - some from the Sunday Free Noodle and some not. What do you think? I will make it Pay What You Want(so no one has to pay if they don't want to) and any money from it is would used to fund the 3rd album.

Ghost has recouped but funding another one is still some way off, so this offers you the opportunity to be a patron of the arts and fund more odd esoteric guitar music :). If there any of the sunday free noodles you think should be on there please let me know. Mr Kevin Feazey is on board to master the project(if you need any mastering give him a shout hes awesome).

I asked team Twitter and they seemed quite keen on the idea.

This is the sort of thing I'm thinking of putting out - a video i mixed and made today using live looping and some stock creative commons footage from archive.org :

These sounds were produced by editing 4 concurrent live looping performances.

Kev Feazey Posted This Today


Could it have something to do with the Fierce And The Dead?

Speak soon



Dan said...

A collection of ambient tracks? Hell yes, sign me up! I'd be hugely interested in that.

I am, by the way, absolutely obsessed with 'Big Sky' and can't stop playing it. It's like heroin for the ears. :o)

Unknown said...

Thanks very much man, looks like its going to happen :)

"like heroin for the ears. :o)" V cool :)


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