Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bandcamp Vs Record Deals and Grans 91st


Yesterday Bandcamp announced they were going to take a %15 fee for sales. I think this is fine for the opportunity to use such a great site. However some people were complaining, see this blog here. This fails to acknowledge the price it costs to host and develop a site like Bandcamp.

These people are not living in the real world. Recently we were approached by a few labels to put out a project I've been working on. The reality of the deals we were offered was that we'd end up with around 10% of the retail price - the equivalent of the label charging a 90% fee!! After speaking to a few friends in the industry this is a fairly average deal (this was for one of the biggest indie labels in the UK).

Also the label wanted control over artwork and the final mix (all of which could be charged back to us!!!). Also we would have to pay for recordings ourselves upfront. This is insane, really most bands can't afford to work with labels.

The labels are only interested in bands that already have a following(even indies) - there just isn't the cash around to develop bands. I was talking to Steve Lawson on Twitter the other day he said "Being offered a deal is the surest proof you don't need one".

Says it all!!!

You can get my album free/pay what you want here from bandcamp.

This is my Gran she was 91 yesterday.


My back still hurts after the trip to hospital yesterday, lets see how things pan out in the next few days.

Speak soon



Darren Landrum said...

Happy 91st birthday, Matt's gran!

I love that quote from Steve. I think I'll steal it. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Darren I'll let Gran Know!


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