Friday, 2 July 2010

21 Noodles and some thoughts on Free


Today the Times in the UK are going to start charging for access to the news on their site. Good idea? Not really - I asked my Twitter followers what they thought. No one thought it was a good idea apart from one person who said they would pay a couple of quid for specific writers.

I think the only way to get people to pay for online content is to try and make great stuff (music/podcasts/blogs) that people like enough that they want to pay for it. Really if you have people's attention these days with the amount of content out there you're doing well. You have to create enough good will for people to want to support you.

I've been really lucky to have an audience and I believe giving away lots of free/pay what you want content is a great way to build an audience.

For the last 21 weeks I've been giving away a song a week on my website on a podcast feed. I hope you enjoy the music and if you want to pay for the music you can here. Or buy an album here. (or download for for free and tell a friend- that's also very cool!!)

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What do you think?

(and thanks for your attention!!)



Unknown said...

Some good points--& I must say I'ver learned about good one's of drawing people's attention to one's work online from your efforts with Ghost--it's inspired me to be a bit more up front with my poetry books. I do think it's difficult to get people to pay for digital content & that building up goodwill is really important.

Unknown said...

Thank you John and cheers for your support by blogging about my stuff - it really means a lot to me. Exactly - people will only pay if they think its for something or someone worth supporting. I am lucky to have a really wonderful and supportive audience.

Damian C. said...

Couldn't agree more bud. We're living the information ago and if there's that one PIXEL thats catching someone's attention from the millions of pixels out there, you're definitely winning the game.

Unknown said...

AGREED!!!! And thanks very much for the blog post dude - v cool.

Attention is valuable - there isn't enough time to wade thru all the crap out there!!!


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