Saturday, 30 October 2010

Alarm magazine feature and webstream tomorrow


Hope you're good?

I'm really pleased there is a feature on me in the US Alarm magazine - you can read the feature and interview right here: Once again its thanks to the support of people who read this that the buzz has grown.

I did my first gig in ages at The Peel this week, was fun and a moderate success! The open mic:


Always good to play again, just 4 songs but I've missed it so much and the audience were really appreciative so thats good. The journey was 3 hours there and 3 back, a trek from one side of London to another. Worth it and amazing to think only 3 months ago I thought I'd never play live again due to my back injury. I'm doing another warm up in a couple of weeks.

This Sunday I'm doing a final UStream gig of my month run at Cafe Noodle - streaming free on the web here. Its at 8pm UK time at:

International times are here:

If you want a copy of my B-Sides album its available until tomorrow as a pay what you want download here, when its going to be deleted. Thanks to everyone who have downloaded it so far - with the money raised I'm recording another track for album number 3 - probably one called Up, which is a new upbeat "Big Sky" type song with Kevin Feazey soon.

Speak soon
Matt Stevens

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