Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Adrian Belew Power Trio live London

On Sunday I went to see the Adrian Belew Power Trio. The gig was amazing - incredible trio - Julie Slick is a brilliant bass player. They did a load of Crimson stuff Dinosaur, Three Of A Perfect Pair, Indiscipline - loads. They played the majority of the power trios's new record - the title track was a real highlight - interesting to see Adrian doing loops and all his FX run off a laptop. I have since found out from Steve Lawson that he was using Mobius running on his laptop for loops. It was Tobias the drummer's second gig with the band - incredible to see - excellent drummer. Almost like seeing Crimson without Fripp.

The venue was about 50% full but the audience where incredibly enthusiastic and really enjoyed it - even moving in time to the odd timings. Best gig I've been to since Sigur Ros. I got a chance to talk to Twitter friends Steve Lawson and Jerry and my old work colleague Ben - I went with Fierce and Deadly Mr Feazey (thanks for driving mate). Unfortunately I missed the Tinyfish guys, James and Wilf - next time deffo :)
Adrian Belew playing in LondonAdrian Belew and Tobias Ralph in LondonJulie Slick playing with the Adrian Belew Power Trio in London
This gig really meant a lot to me because when I brought the ticket my back was really, really f'd and i wasn't sure if i would be able to go and thanks to my brilliant osteopath I was able to attend and stand up and enjoy it.

All the photos from the gig are by Steve Lawson

Today I'm rehearsing my tight 20 min set for the gig on Thursday I'm doing at the Peel. Trying not to wander off too far with the improv (no 10 mins tracks!). Also i'm learning to play standing up which I couldn't do a few months back either. I'm only taking one pedal and a guitar for the next few gigs so thats weird as well. If you fancy coming down give me a shout and we'll have a pint.


Will said...

I must have been standing very close to you - but then I was rather fixated on the band. A great night's music.

Unknown said...

I was over the left side near steve - same here - its so rare I go to a gig and don't get bored!!

maltjerry said...

Mirrors my impression, Matt. And shows how much of the make-up of Crim Belew actually is.

A real pity the gig wasn't better attended. My two friends - not particularly Crimheads also thought it the best gig in ages.


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