Friday, 5 November 2010



Its been an odd week - all the sunday looping gigs are done,. Was fun to play the gigs - thanks so much to everyone who watched. I shall miss the community of people who watched them.

The interview I did for Alarm Press is one of their most read - which is cool. Its a very cool site and I'm not :) Read it at:

I'm going to focus on getting ready to do the Barclay James Harvest support @ the end of the month - really looking forward to it. I'm doing another little warm up at an acoustic night next Tuesday if you fancy coming down for a pint its at Biddle Brothers - cool little east london venue.

I recorded this little electronic thing this week while trying to demo some stuff - i thought it might grow into something but it didn't. Its called Summerhill:

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Early December I'm doing this gig with Furniture - my friend Phill's excellent new jazz trio:


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