Saturday, 2 October 2010

Can you record my next live album for me?

I'm not recording the gigs I'm playing live on the internet every Sunday this month, but you can. Here how to do it - please feel free tape what you like :) - its easy!!

See you all tomorrow, hopefully.


How to record a ustream:
You can use Audacity on PC - here is a Wiki on how to do it on the Mac - its pretty easy.
Here is a live bootleg of a recent gig of mine to get you started - download it here
or watch it here and record it yourself!!!

Share and torrent all you like as long as its for non commercial purposes.Post links on the forum at Cafenoodle

I'm doing streaming gigs on the Cafe Noodle site over the course of the next few weeks to get myself back in to playing live after messing my back up. Watch live every Sunday in October here:

or on ustream at:

International times for the first gig are here:

Download my music free/pay what you want here:

Live Streaming Ustream gigs on the web
Every Sunday in October 2010 - A series of themed gigs

3rd October - 8pm UK
10th October - 2pm UK (playing Echo)
17th October - 8pm UK (playing Ghost)
24th October - 5pm UK(playing Covers and Esoterica)
31st October - 8pm UK(Halloween)

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