Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Interview in Acoustic magazine

Evening all

Its all go here - there is a full page interview with me in the new Acoustic magazine - really odd - I wandered into my local WH Smiths and it was in there. I felt a right prat in the shop, reading it!! Weird getting national press - i am really pleased :)

Matt Stevens Interview In Acoustic Magazine
On Friday me and Kev were recording again for my next solo album, it was electric guitars and some Squarepusher/Aphex drum loops - I managed to get Kev on bass again so thats good. We got some great tape delay sounds. Its a bit Tortoise a bit Summers/Fripp and a bit dropping bits like the Pixies. I shall look forward to playing it to you - its called 20 GOTO 10. And we used the "Husker Du" thunderbird bass - cool :)

This Sunday I'm doing a load of Covers/Esterica/Improv and some other stuff on UStream at 5pm - would be great to see you there. The reason its a bit earlier is that I'm off to the Islington Academy to see Adrian Belew that night - seems crazy to think I'll be playing there next month supporting Barclay James Harvest. Belew is brilliant one of my favorite guitar players. I just had a look at the Academy - its bloody massive - holds nearly 1000 people - Look:


Big - my mate Kev has been briefing me on the "tight half hour set" which is quite hard to get down from the 3 hours of material I have acquired in the last 4 years. And that doesn't include the improv stuff. Blimey.

Speak soon

Matt Stevens


Unknown said...

I want to know what line 10 does that is going to be repeated forever. I wrote a lot of BASIC programs like that.

Unknown said...

Thats answered at some point :)


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