Sunday, 4 October 2009

Post VSV festival blog....

Hey all VSV festival went well - 10 acts from seven countries playing live to an audience from all over the world via a stream on the internet. I played Snow Parts 1.2 and 3 with my friend Kev Feazey on bass - who produced my album. It looks like this will lead to my next project after my next solo album thing is done and out early next year. I'm going to do more abot the VSV fest later in the week but here is the video of our set, gig starts at 2 mins in - was cool to experiment with more beats and live bass: More videos of other performers to come - magnificent sets from Steve Moyes, Jeff Duke, etc etc etc etc i'll try and post as many as i can find.... More soon MS

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Georginabrett said...

beautiful..... singing along! :)


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