Monday, 26 October 2009

Flies In The Basement & Snow

All about the making of echo -song by song: Flies In The Basement This song is very much a surf rock thing played on acoustic guitar - kind of like a Dick Dale sound. It was inspired by going to see a band called the Manyarays - genius surfy stuff. Also reminds me of some of the flamenco sounds on Friday Night In San Francisco. it features Kev stomping and clapping at the start for a percussion sound. Snow part 3 My favorite on the album and some people have said they agree with me. The pad keyboard type sound at the start is me fading the guitar in after strumming it using a volume pedal. It's a really simple song but I like the chord progression with the innversions. This a 3 part song parts one and two will be on the next album - Kev and I performed the whole thing at the vsv festival a while back. More tommorrow. Matt

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