Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This saturday online gig and recording plus a new song!!!!

Had a great day today recording a new song for my second album. I now have a track list for the album - only 8 tracks - one ambient one and 2 v long ones. Kev in the studio - he played drums and produced the song today: IMG_0409 Awesome producer. Here is a seriously rough mix of what we've been working on today, warning features electric guitar, bass and drums : Draw Ruff1 by mattstevensguitar Let me know what you think....(comments welcome!!) On saturday I'm playing here, the first online ustream festival, me and Kev are going to do Snow parts one, two and three: A virtual online festival - many acts via ustream from all over the world. VSV Virtual Venue is VSV Bill of Artists/Running Order This schedule is subject to change. Note that performance slots will be 25 minutes each, with 5 minutes changeover time/commentary added after each slot. All times in UTC. 17:00 - Jim Goodin/Ray Istorico - USA/Peter Thörn - Sweden 17:30 - Rainer Straschill "plus" (Moinsound) - Germany * 18:00 - David Cooper Orton - United Kingdom 18:30 - Steve Moyes/Agnes Hay - England * 19:00 - Jeff Duke - USA 19:30 - Flying Dream - Spain * 20:00 - Jean-Paul De Roover - Canada 20:30 - Fabio Anile/Xavier Plagaro Mussard - Italy * 21:00 - Matt Stevens with Kevin Feazey - United Kingdom(perfroming snow 1, 2 and 3) (acts marked with an asterisk are those including a dedicated video artist). Special video contribution by Emile Tobenfeld aka Dr T All times UTC, see converter for your local times: Or see the UTC event clock on the Myspace page: Take it easy - see you saturday MS

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