Saturday, 10 October 2009

Why now is the best time ever to be an improvising musician

Now is amazing time to be an improvising musician as you can produce an infinate variety of new recordings and post them to a community on the web straight away - amazing. The recent VSV festival was a fantastic example of a group of improvisors coming together as a community and putting on an event with musicians from ten contries - marvellous. Just a few years ago none of this could possibly have happend. For esoteric non commercial artists the only enemy is obscurity. Give some if your music away-if they like it they willl most likely buy something later - win hearts and minds first and make friends. If they are interested in your music they are probably people you have loads in common with. Build a community and worry about making money later on. It works - this week Steve Lawson a solo bass player(hardly the most commercial of genres) gig was completly sold out in London. Fantastic, Steve is a really talented guy and he has built his fan base thru Twitter and other forms of social media. Lots of major label acts can't sell out anywhere and they are thousands of pounds in debt!?! These are good times. Matt - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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