Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Spratton Videos/Knackered Back

Well This time i've really messed my back up. Can't move - every time i go to get up off the floor my back locks up at the base of my spine - its like an electric shock. The doctor has signed me off til monday. Very frustrating - writing this laying on the floor on my back with the laptop on my stomach. Bugger. Once i'm over this - I will sort out my weight - i'm going to write about it on here to shame me into doing it. Need to get fit, can't handle laying on me back doing f all. The gig in Spratton was great fun - my friend Lew played percussion on Get carter - the last song in my set. There were great sets from Lew(solo set), Sketchy, Broon and Carleko - all good. The taxi driver got lost on the way home - v scary as Spratton is in the middle of nowhere - Mrs S was not impressed. Here is some video from the gig that Lew filmed(sadly none of him playing percussion), I'm actually quite pleased with my playing on this!!! Take it easy Matt Stevens

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